European Inland Water Cargo - Danube River

Transportation service

We offer services of barge transportation along Danube River across the entire european, inland waterways.
Cargo Barge transportation is actually most advantageous, effective and economic wise transportation in mainland Europe for General Cargo,Break-Bulk,Heavy lift, bulk and even 
containers,especially if you have access to the Rhine and Danube River to the black sea and ARAH seaports these trails allow easy transport from the sea ports of Northern Europe and the Bl
ack Sea ports,to the countries in the heart of the continent. Compared with road vehicles or railw
ays, benefits of the Inland Waterways transportation quite clear:
 ⚈ Outstanding options considering loads weight, size, quantity etc.

⚈ Crossing borders easy without delays, no police or escort needed

⚈ No need for special permits and authorizations to move your cargo
According to the European Commission reports, Inland waterways river shipping, plays an important role for the transport of goods in Europe. More than 37000 kilometers of waterways and canals connect hundreds of cities and industrial regions by using the river transportation.

               TRANSPORT CARGO                Construction Materials / OTHER GOODS:

Tugboat of 10t capacity , with towing capacity up to 200tons

We own 2 barge platforms:

A small barge platform : 22tons

A big barge platform: 100tons


Tugboat Price: 250 lei (60 euros) / march hour

Barge platforms: 250 lei (60 euro)/per day /per barge 

                                            Please note! Prices do not include VAT


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